A design that integrates modern-day pop elements into a traditional industrial product:
1. An ultimate lightweight product die-casted into one piece from aluminum!
2. Its main features are simple with smooth lines of blossoming style and a white color exterior, distinctively layered and appear uncomplicated and highly functional!
A relaxing air regulating experience that breaks through the convention:
1. It has a special dial rotating button that helps you adjust the pressure with great ease and precision, increasing work efficiency.
2. With an internal guiding structure, it combines the designs of the disc springs and the piston. With a light spinning action, users can easily adjust the pressure to its highest at 1.0MPa and stable pressure is being generated. It gives users a peace of mind!

Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

Symmetrical forms, clear lines and the use of refined materials lend this fully automatic coffee maker a calm, elegant impression. Graphics and guides in the form of animations make its use self-explanatory. Thanks to Smart Connect and Bluetooth technology, operation via smartphone or tablet is offered.

Threads of spraying deviceGOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2012受賞

The combination of curved and angular shapes gives this sewing machine, which combines many practical features, a contemporary appearance. The stitch width can be adjusted using a foot pedal whilst the fabric can be freely moved at the same time, thus giving users the necessary creative freedom for their work. Text-free instructions are integrated in the Oekaki50, that makes the machine easy to understand. Its unique three colour variation can give an accent to interior space.

Marine Helmsman Chair

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